The Latinx China network (LACHINET) was founded in September 2020 by Ricardo Barrios, Francisco Bencosme, and Natalia Cote-Muñoz, for the purpose of supporting and amplifying Latinx & Caribbean voices on China. Our website was designed and is currently managed by Ann Listerud, who joined the LACHINET leadership board in March, 2021.

Cross-national relations at their core are about human relationships. They are carried out through the work of scholars, educators, policy makers, business and students. Our members encapsulate the broad array of people carrying out cross-national relations, as well as the diversity inherent within the LAC community.

Open communication is one of our core values. We encourage membership at every career stage, and any member may volunteer to become more involved.

We would like to acknowledge similar initiatives that have aimed to raise diversity in the China space and have served as models for LACHINET:

Black China Caucus

Black Voices on China

Latina and Non-Binary Latinx Scholars of Asia