Frequently Asked Questions


LACHINET is a supportive, international group of students and professionals of China studies who identify as Latinx and/or Caribbean.

We have two core missions – to draw attention to the work currently being done by Latinx and Caribbean experts, and to help Latinx and Caribbean individuals engage in China studies.

Every element of LACHINET (including our website) is carried out by member volunteers.

Who are LACHINET’s members?

Our members share two commonalities: we have an interest in Greater China, and we identify as Latinx and/or Caribbean.

Outside of these two commonalities, our members represent a broad number of interests, specialties, nationalities, and affiliations. We are proud to host members currently residing on three continents, and our members include professors, private consultants, public servants, and students.

Are all of your members in the directory?

No. Inclusion in our public directory is at the discretion of each individual member.

We will never publish any information about our members without their permission.

If you are searching our directory for an expert on China issues and cannot find someone who would be a good fit, we encourage you to reach out to us directly ( We can reach out to members who decided not to publish their information on our website, who may the perfect fit for your event, job opening, and more.

What is LACHINET’s political stance on ________________?

LACHINET was created for the purpose of supporting and sharing work done by Latinx and Caribbean experts. As an organization, we do not take a stance on policy or political issues with the following exceptions:

  • Diversity is a source of strength. We support other groups who support and strengthen under-represented voices in conversations on China.

  • Language and cultural education are positive forces for good. We support efforts to make learning about Chinese language and Chinese culture more accessible, as well as efforts to provide high quality translations of Chinese to other languages.

  • Intellectual integrity is essential. Regardless of an author’s opinion, we will only share and promote research that is intellectually sound.

Can you recommend an expert on LAC-China relations?

Yes, a number of our experts specialize on China’s relationship with Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) as a region, as well as China’s relationships with individual countries.

Please check our directory, or reach out to us at for more information.

Can you recommend an expert on other topics?

Yes, we can! Our members include specialists on China’s domestic politics, economic development, environmental policy, supply chain management, human rights issues, and more.

It can be especially challenging for Latinx and Caribbean China experts to gain recognition in fields outside of China-LAC relations.

To create a truly diverse dialogue in China studies, we need to include Latinx and Caribbean voices on issues not directly related to the LAC region.

For an introduction to our members, please check our directory or contact us at to learn more.

I’m not a member, but would like to stay informed on your activities. How do I do that?

Excellent! We’d love to tell you all about the cool stuff our members are doing. Sign up here to receive our monthly newsletter and notifications of our public events.

If you want to support us in other ways, please share our organization with your networks or email us at