Expert Directory

Manuel Anzola

Associate Consultant, CDCA, LLC 

MS, London School of Economics

MS, Science Po

Specializes in Chinese Foreign Policy, American Foreign Policy, and U.S.-China Bilateral Relations.

Diana A. Avila Pérez

Law Professor, National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)

LL.B, National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)

Specializes in comparative law, civil and commercial Chinese law, and Mexico-China affairs..

Ricardo Barrios

Analyst in Asian Affairs, Congressional Research Services

MA, Peking University

BA, Oberlin College

Specializes in China’s elite politics, Chinese foreign policy and diplomacy, and China-Latin America relations and investment.

Alex Bate

Research Analyst, Sayari Analytics

BA, William & Mary

Specializes in public records research, investigative analysis, Chinese state-owned enterprises, and Xinjiang forced labor.

Francisco Bencosme

Senior Advisor, U.S. Department of State

MA, Georgetown University

BA, Wake Forest University

Specializes in China human rights issues.

José Burnes

Trade & Investment Center Manager, AmCham Mexico

MA, Peking University

BA, Dartmouth College

Specializes in International trade and investment, supply chain and decoupling analysis, economic development, investment promotion, and corporate diplomacy.

Carmen Cantor

U.S. Ambassador to the Federated States of Micronesia

MA, Inter American University of Puerto Rico

BA, University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez

Specializes in leadership & management, civil rights, and women’s issues.

Victoria Chonn-Ching

Postdoctoral Scholar & Teaching Fellow, University of Southern California

PhD & MA, University of Southern California

MA, University of Michigan

Specializes in China-Latin America ties, Chinese foreign economic policy, and Latin American political economy.

David Mauricio Castrillón Kerrigan


Research-Professor, Universidad Externado de Colombia

Non-Resident Research Fellow, CECLA

PhD, Universidad Externado de Colombia

MA, Seton Hall University

Specializes in historical memory, U.S.-China relations, and Chinese development.

Natalia Cote-Muñoz

Special Assistant, U.S. Department of State

MA, Harvard Kennedy School

BA, Swarthmore College

Specializes in China-Western Hemisphere relation, trade and supply chains, Chinese Foreign Policy, Latin American Politics, and gender issues in China.

Carmen Delehanty

Senior Associate, Isaacson, Miller  

MS, University of Pennsylvania

BA, Haverford College

Specializes in executive search and recruitment.

Carolina Fabara

PhD Candidate in International Law, Chinese University of Political Science and Economics  

Specializes in international commercial law.

Andrea Fernandez Aponte


MA/ML Candidate, Johns Hopkins SAIS & Tsinghua University  

BA, Georgetown University

Specializes in China’s relationship with Latin America and the Caribbean.

Paulina Garzon

Director, China-Latin America Sustainable Investments Initiative

MA, Harvard Kennedy School

Specializes in Chinese environmental and social


Rasheed Griffith

Head of Operations, Merkle Hedge

Host, China in the Caribbean podcast

Specializes in cryptocurrency derivatives, Chinese AML/CFT compliance, China Geoeconomics Strategy, China-Caribbean Foreign Policy, and small state monetary policy.

Kiara Guerra

Director of the Confucius Institute in the Internationalization Department at Universidad San Francisco de Quito

MA, Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales

BA, Universidad San Francisco de Quito

Specializes in accountability, transparency, public policies and translation

Enrique Guerrero


MA, University of Texas at Austin

BA, University of Texas at Austin

Specializes in Sino-US media, the Hollywood-China divide, and Chinese media, film, and tech.

Richard Haddock

Program Associate, East Asia National Resource Center – George Washington U.

PhD Candidate, George Washington University

MA, George Washington University

BA, University of Central Florida

Specializes in U.S.-Taiwan relations, Taiwan politics and history, and e-governance in East Asia

Sally Jensen

Translator, DiDi Mexico

Freelance Journalist

Specializes in journalism, Taiwan, environmental issues, and climate change.

Peter Larrea

Co-founder La Comunidad de Estudios Chinos y Latinoamericanos

PhD, Peking University

MBA, INCAE Business School

BA, Escuela Agricola Panamerica Zamorano

Specializes in economic analysis, project assessment, China – Latin America relations, environmental assessment, agriculture and trade, and space technology.

Leland Lazarus

Speechwriter, U.S. Department of State

MA, The Fletcher School at Tufts University

BA, Brown University

Specializes in China-Latin American and Caribbean relations.

Ann Listerud

China Analyst, Strider Intelligence

MA, University of California San Diego

BA, Beloit College

Specializes in China’s macro-economy, state-owned enterprises, and financial policies.

Livia Machado Costa

Co-Founder and Senior Editor, Shūmiàn 书面

MA, Yenching Academy of Peking University

BA, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul

Specializes in poverty alleviation, Chinese investment in the Amazon, and Chinese and Brazilian investments in Angola and Mozambique.

Ricardo Martinez

Legislative Aide, U.S. House of Representatives

BA, University of California Davis

Specializes in China’s soft power in Latin America.

Attyat Mayans

PhD Candidate, Boston University

MA, University of California San Diego

BA, Duke University

Specializes in public education in China, class mobility (China), language learning, and anthropology.

Guillermo García Montenegro

Program Associate, Asia and Latin America Program at The Inter-American Dialogue

MA, Johns Hopkins SAIS

BA, Kenyon College

Specializes in China-Latin America Relations, Trade, Macroeconomics, Finance, Political Economy, and Foreign Policy.

Maria Montt Strabucchi

Assistant Professor, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

PhD, The University of Manchester

MA, University of London

Specializes in China-Latin America relations, China-Chile diplomatic and cultural relations, and the imaginary of China in Latin America.

Dani Nedal

Post Doctoral Fellow, Carnegie Mellon University

PhD, Georgetown University

BA, Pontifcal Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro

Specializes in Chinese foreign policy, China-Latin America relations, and U.S.-China relations.

Júlia Oliveira Rosa

Co-Founder and Senior Editor, Shūmiàn 书面

MA, Renmin University of China

BA, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul

Specializes in China’s role in peacekeeping/peace building, China’s presence in the UN, and China’s rise.

Leysi Ortega

East Asia Analyst & Delivery Manager, Sayari Analytics

MA, George Washington University

BA, Tianjin University

Specializes in China & East Asia regional issues, international affairs, project management, and grant writing.

Cecilia Joy Pérez



HNC Certificate, Hopkins-Nanjing Center (Johns Hopkins SAIS)

BA, Washington University in St. Louis

Specializes in China’s outward investment and construction, China’s state-owned enterprises, China’s economy.

Jeremy Rausch

Project Associate, National Bureau of Asian Research

MA Candidate in Asian Studies, George Washington University’s Elliott School of International Affairs

BA, Union College

Specializes in China’s People’s Liberation Army, Chinese military and defense strategy, Asian security, U.S. foreign policy in East Asia, and U.S.-China Relations .

Alexis Rivera

Consultant Economist, World Bank

MA, University of California San Diego

BA, National Autonomous University of Mexico

Specializes in Economics, Data Science, Natural Resources, Human Migration, China’s Economic Impact in Africa and Latin America & the Caribbean.

Carlos Rodriguez-Cruz y Celis

Schwarzman Scholar, Tsinghua University

MA, Tsinghua University

BA, University of Texas at Dallas

Specializes in nuclear nonproliferation and arms control.

Francisco Urdinez

Assistant Professor, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

PhD, King’s College London & University of Sao Paulo

Specializes in Chinese economic statecraft in Latin America.

Karin Costa Vazquez

Profile Picture of Karin Costa Vazquez

Associate Professor and Assistant Dean, O.P. Jindal Global University

Executive Director, Center for African, Latin American and Caribbean Studies at O.P Jindal Global University

PhD, Fudan University

MA, Colombia University School of International and Public Affairs

MS, Universidade de Brasília

Specializes global governance, international cooperation for sustainable development, development finance, Brazil-China economic & political relations, and BRICS nations.

Katherine Vera

Event Manager, American University

MA, American University, School of International Service

BA, State University of New York at Binghamton

Specializes U.S.-China Policy, Belt and Road Initiative, and China’s public narrative strategies.